Tess Diaz - AwakeCon speaker

Tess Diaz


Yourself in 5 words:

Your location:

The Valley of the Sun


I ensure that things run smoothly in the physical, all the while popping into the game unexpectedly, ninja-style to challenge you on the spot.  Are you ready?

Your life in <200 words:

My mother had a deep spiritual experience while pregnant with me, and has always believed that impacted my soul. I have always lived with one foot in another realm. I choose healing, beauty and hope.

The weirdest synchronicity you’ve ever had:

Producing this conference with fabulous partners!

Your favorite era on Earth (medieval, Victorian, etc):

Today, this very moment, soaking up the Present.

Your perfect Earth would look like:

I think we live in a perfect Earth. Challenges motivate me to grow, ugliness motivates me to gratitude, and peace and love are possible within me.