picture of Kimberly Darwin

Kimberly Darwin

game master

Yourself in 5 words:

Your location:

West Hollywood, CA


I am AwakeCon’s Game Master. 

During the conference, the Game Master taps into the collective consciousness of the participants, directing their experiences based on real-time information.

Your life in <200 words:

This is my 867th—-and final—-life as a human.

My mission (aside from enjoying as many tacos, motorcycles and miniature things as possible): 
To design a venue for creatives who have found relief from fear. For those who see Earth as a magnificent treasure hunt for spiritual entertainment and joyous expansion.
I look forward to meeting you, old friends…to co-create adventurous, responsible worlds together.

The weirdest synchronicity you’ve ever had:

Once you see your first 8-foot Tall White being in the flesh, you never go back.

Your favorite era on Earth (medieval, Victorian, etc):

Henry VIII  (Pretty sure he beheaded me, but I still love him) 

Your perfect Earth would look like: