Want to practice your
multidimensional skills
with others?

Are you a Starseed or Lightworker looking for others like yourself? 

It can be a lonely journey on this beautiful planet. But you are not alone! 

Learn about our new AwakeCon Community, where you can meet other like-minded 5D co-creators interested in joining positive forces for timeline-jumping, telepathic interactions, and whimsical global art initiatives. 

Like what? 

  • Telepathy

    Get hooked up with partners across the globe to practice your telepathic skills.

  • Reverse Journal

    Learn how to rewrite your own history by consciously changing timelines.

  • Co-create Art

    Create and distribute geo-cached art and share your places.

  • Live-Stream Games

    Co-create new worlds in real time on the Reality Romp Game Show.

  • Remote Viewing

    Take a group tour of alternate timelines without ever leaving your home.

  • One-on-One Training

    Personalized workshops for small groups to hone multidimensional skills.

After Alpha and Beta launches are complete, some areas of this community will be subscription-based, so this is your chance to get in early.

The Alpha Launch is happening now!

Please fill the form below to request access.