Multidimensional Hopscotch – Live!

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Sign up for the first round of Multi-Dimensional Hopscotch with the AwakeCon crew. We need 3 Contestants to participate in our livestream.

Kimberly and Maranda, aka the Tipsy Mystics, will be hosting the inaugural round of this exciting game where you get to visit faraway worlds, spanning time and space and even physicality.  And you leave something there!

Unlike the old fashioned chalk version of hopscotch, you don’t lose if you land out of the lines.  In fact, we encourage it!

Practice timeline jumping with friends and strangers alike in this exciting game of purposeful co-creation.  Game is scheduled to last 1 hour.

The ideal contestant:

Your imagination is vivid, and you can envision yourself moving around in alternate scenes.

As an optimistic person, you see the world as a unifying force.  Things are getting better all the time.

(We make up words all the time, by the way.)  Fleximaginative people can pivot their behavior, appearance and habits to match any new environment.  Fast on your feet and doing it with flair. MacGyver stuff.

You feel stuff.  You smell stuff. You hear stuff. You see stuff. You taste stuff.  And sometimes it makes you cry.

Our definition of adventurous: You are not afraid to die.  Not that you’re going to, playing an online game…but survival fears should be shrinking away in your rearview mirror.

Hey! You're Creating Your reality!