Dream State or Waking State? Which is Reality?

purple fireworks

Anyone alive on the planet today is important.

Not just in Kumbaya, touchy-feely terms but in legitimate cosmic terms.

Whether you’re “woke” or still snoozing away, you’re still one of the lucky–and powerful–ones. Why?

Because Earth is not an easy place to incarnate, thanks to its dense holographic illusory nature, extreme polarity and rapidly-increasing vibrational frequency.

Plus, there’s quite the veil applied to our lives; it separates the waking state from the sleeping state.  This symbolic separation provides us with unlimited opportunities for mystical expansion.  Look at all the fun stuff that happens when we dream.


While dreaming may not be your literal reality any more (or less) than is your waking experience, it’s the closest approximation of our true state:  that of Non-Limitation.

The dream state actually approximates your natural, true state more than your waking life. This is because, in your dream state, you are more aligned with the source of all that is; and any blocks, defenses or resistance you have to it disappear.

In your dreams, you can fly, leap from tall buildings and land smoothly on your feet, and transport to any setting and scenario, real or imagined. The shackles with which time and space bind you while you’re awake are shattered at night while you sleep. Rather than being forced to conform to the rules and restrictions of a consensual world, you get to create a world of your own and insert yourself into it. This is a more accurate reflection of truth than your waking experience would lead you to believe.

The truth is, you are doing this in your waking experience every bit as much as you are when you dream. You simply may have forgotten this due to the state of amnesia with which we enter this experience.


But if you can forget, you can remember too.

If you can create your own reality while you’re unconscious and asleep, you can certainly create it while you’re conscious and awake.  Simply observe your thoughts, take responsibility for all of them, and explore the most exciting possibility presented to you.

Which dream-like qualities would you like to see in your waking state? 

Imagine what your physical world would look like with those added elements, and see how long it takes for them to show up.

All Our Love.