Earth’s First Multidimensional Community
for Lightworkers

Share your awakening experience in a private environment and co-create new worlds together.


A community for conscious collaborators who realize they are creating their reality.

If you want to write the next chapter of YOUR story as OUR story…
then join us in the creational mosh-pit.


We’re rolling out the purple carpet for manifesters from every dimension.


Humanity is realizing that thought creates reality.

We believe that there are many of us, here now, for the express purpose of coming together to conceptualize and manifest What Comes Next for planet Earth.

What does this look like? New inventions.  New interactions with galactic neighbors. New worlds created through the imagination.  And with an entire conference full of imaginative people, who knows what we can create? As the first multi-dimensional conference, AwakeCon aims to be the venue that fosters co-creation between individuals on both the physical—and the non-physical—planes.

We invite all variety of THINKers, DOers, and BEers to join in the alchemical process so that the end result is a new world based on inclusivity, compassion, authenticity and, most importantly, having a DAMN GOOD TIME!

Let’s roll up our creational sleeves and redesign life on this planet…and perhaps show some leg while we do it.


New Earth landscape

New Earth

Do you dream of a futuristic world that celebrates uniqueness, shares ideas & free energy, and embraces natural healing? Can you envision meeting up with an extraterrestrial friend at the corner bistro? If you crave a unified co-existence with all creatures big and small---whether they've got skin, scales or tentacles---then you may be living on a New Earth timeline.


Oh Shi(f)t!  Timeline Jumping

Do you long for faraway places and magical worlds? To haggle over fruit in a Medieval bazaar, or to be Van Gogh for a day?
If you've a burning desire to lurk around Atlantis, manipulate time, or deem yourself invisible in a crowd...then you may be living on an Oh Shift timeline. Welcome Internal Tourist! There are lots of us here, as you'll soon see.

girl and light beam

The Light Game

Call yourself a Lightworker? A Starseed? Are you an actor, an artist, a gamer, or the secret star of your own love story laced with mysterious synchronicities? If so, you're probably a "Soul playing a Role" on this Earthly game board. Welcome to the action-packed adventure! Your secrets are safe here...and catsuits are welcome.

alien invasion green sky

OMG WTF? (Conspiracy Theories)

Can you decode intel like you were raised in the Secret Space Program? Thirsty for "the truth" about alien invasions, oppressive governments, and the Light vs Dark Forces battle in space? A little polarity keeps life adventurous, after all. If you love exploring power-drilled rabbit holes while discussing solutions for Earth's disbalanced authority, then you might be living on an OMG WTF timeline. Plenty of room here for "spirited debates" among friends.

We're starting the party early.   Get in on the fun.

man with tinfoil hat on


Unlock Eternal Memories with Like-Minded Pioneers. 

Join our private community of awakening individuals and experience boundless creation. Embrace your weirdness and co-create in both the physical and spiritual realms with a supportive network of peers. Say goodbye to feeling alone on your journey.

 The AwakeCon Community will have the chance to practice their multidimensional skills and get a head-start on the upcoming live-play event.

is live!

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